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Veneers are a thin piece of porcelain made by the laboratories to fit over a prepared tooth (a bit like a false nail).

The dentists love veneers as they are so versatile. Closing small gaps, changing the colour of a tooth and changing the position of a tooth.

Although the treatment costs a little more than a large white filling and there is laboratory work involved the wow factor and feel good factor comes in to play and our patients are always happy with the results and feel its money well spent.

The Dentist requires 2 appointments 2 weeks apart. A shade may be taken by the lab technician in the laboratory to match the veneer exactly to the patients natural teeth next to it.

The first appointment is the preparation and the patient will walk out with a temporary filling in the shape of the veneer- the patient is usually thrilled at this stage and its not finished yet! We do give our patients a word of warning that the temporary is made of soft filling material and to go easy on it until the completed veneer is placed! They can stain quite quickly too so no Friday night Tikka Masala until the lab made veneer is fitted.

The veneer is fitted by the dental surgeon and it has all the appearances and functions  of a natural healthy tooth!

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