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Dentures are either full or partial.  A full denture is all the teeth upper and lower, and a partial denture is a smaller bespoke made denture to fit snugly around natural teeth. Additions to these dentures can be easily made in two consecutive days.

A good denture means that a person can eat comfortably and  speak clearly , laugh with confidence and feel as natural as possible.

At Whitehouse Dental the team are very well trained in looking after people who need dentures. The nurses explain clearly the procedures, usually four visits, the impressions, the try, the bite and the fit. After each appointment the denture goes to the laboratory to the technicians who work to the dentists prescription. The technicians and the dentists always make the teeth as natural looking as possible, putting in tiny pits and fissures as natural teeth would have. Its always helpful if the patient brings a photograph of themselves when they had their natural teeth so the dentist can include any characteristics.

We form a strong relationship with our denture patients because we see each other every week for a month and the team often look forward to the next weekly chat in the waiting room!

Dentures are easily looked after and instructions are given at the last visit. We also sell a denture sonic cleaner for people who aren't as dexterous as they once were. This bath does the cleaning for you by gently vibrating food debris off the teeth.

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