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Our Hygiene team are Ann Spittle, Gemma Gough and Debbie Wilkinson. Together they support the dental team at Whitehouse Dental. Having such a close knit Hygiene team means that we can support out Patients preventative care completely.
Dental Hygienists are specially trained individuals who take time to care for their patients gum health. They play an enormous role in Oral health and are concerned primarily to treat gum disease and stop it from occurring. A trip to the hygienist is far from a five minutes  "scrape and polish". The Hygienist will chat first of all about any gum related problems a patient may be experiencing: bleeding gums or sensitivity. They can also discuss dry mouths and bad breath,  diet, smoking cessation  or stained teeth. Listening to a patient and then acting on those wishes helps form a relationship of trust and confidence.
Hygienists will then refer to the dentists notes and prescription and discuss with the patient such things as gum scores (BPE) and X ray results. A Hygienist then physically removes hard and soft deposits from the teeth and polishes each tooth surface.
Its  generally recommended that each patient sees a hygienist every six months. If there is a concern that there may be possible signs of gum disease the hygienist will call the patient back for more intensive treatments and further monitoring and advice on specific areas.
We have watched many customers in supermarkets scratching there heads deciding on which toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, toothbrush or interdental brushes to buy. We feel for you! All those rows and rows of products promising the brightest, whitest cleanliest teeth! Please feel free to phone the team for advice on which product is best for you. We have samples of toothpaste and other products for our patients to try before they buy. 
Our Hygienists love using the new Airflow product: a machine that takes all the stain off our patients teeth, great for pre whitening, and as a special treatment before holidays or weddings. Please ask the team about Airflow. 
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