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Looking after your teeth at any age.

This is where the magic starts.... every dental surgery has its own tooth fairy who reports to the dentist each morning before they go to sleep for the day... (they work hard in the night you know). Each dentist is told how many teeth have been put under pillows and which children are now growing their big Adult teeth. Come and look for our fairy door, but be quiet as she gets grumpy if we wake her up.

At Whitehouse Dental we like to see children from the first budded tooth so we can give parents the benefit of our expertise on brushing, diet and everything toothy. We are happy for children to come in and just have a first ride on the chair or sit on Mum or Dads lap for a first go.

We aim to have children skipping into the dentist without a care in the world. We certainly will never hurt them or make them anxious. We have all the time it takes to look after our young patients and if it takes a bit longer for them to get used to the dentist then we have the time to let them.

Children always get a goody bag and we have a variety of up to date stickers to bestow! Frozen stickers are the big hit this season!

We have a thriving childrens club at Whitehouse Dental  and our child patients are encouraged to come two or three times a year to see the Oral hygiene team and the dentists. 

The children s club is free to children of parents who are registered members of the practice up to the age of 10 years. From the age of 10 we encourage the children to join Plan 2 for continued care. If children and parents have listened to the advice given and attended the practice every six months then their teeth will be caries free. This means that when they are adults they will not only have an amazing smile but it will be cost effective too! We believe taking your child to the dentist is one of the best things you can do for your child's health.

We have two special Children Only mornings throughout the year (in the holidays) where the staff are on hand to answer questions and help with braking dummy and thumb sucking habits, and of course checking those precious first teeth.

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