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The Process

Firstly impressions are taken by the dentist of your upper and lower teeth, so they can then be sent to the laboratory, so that the technician can make custom made whitening trays.


Tooth Whitening Instructions

  • Generally the whitening process is carried out by wearing the tooth whitening gel in the tray supplied overnight.
  • If the tray cannot be worn at night then it may be worn during the day or evening but a minimum of two hours wear is required to make it worthwhile.
  • Only wear one tray at a time - it is difficult to monitor progress if both trays are worn together.
  • The gel will not damage the gums but if the trays are overloaded then some gum irritaion may occur - put less in next time.
  • When the trays are removed the teeth may feel a little dry and look a bit patchy - this will quickly fade as the teeth get moist from saliva.
  • Some patients will experience some sensitivity from the gel. This can be minimised by using a flouride mouthwash after removing the tray.
  • Patients with lots of sensitivity may benefit from using the tooth whitening on alternate nights only.
  • Use the gel sparingly - there should be enough for a complete treatment. More gel is available but there may be a charge. Keep spare syringes of gel in the fridge.
  • After removal of a tray, brush your teeth and clean with warm water, making sure all debris is removed.
  • If the trays become damaged, or there are any problems, contact the surgery.
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