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For the next 24 hours do not...

  • Rinse the mouth
  • Interfere with the socket
  • Drink very hot liquids
  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoke
  • Over exert yourself (Increasing blood pressure may disturb the clotting process)

To relieve after-pain take painkillers such as Nurofen. If uncomfortable symptoms persist after 24 hours rinse with hot salt mouth washes (One teaspoon of salt in water as hot as is bearable).

For minor bleeding bite firmly on a damp handkerchief or bandage rolled to thumb size for ten minutes.

If antibiotics have been given ensure the course is completed.

If the socket has been sutured arrange for removal of the stitches after five days.

In case of severe pain, bleeding or swelling contact the surgery on 0121 250 4443.

Book an appointment0121 250 4443


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