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Gum Disease has been described as swelling, soreness or infection of the tissues supporting the teeth, but it is normally pain-free. Some patients can be unaware they have the disease. Regular checks with the dental team prevent the start of gum disease or can intervene heavily with frequent gum work to stop the disease from spreading to other teeth.

It makes common sense that healthy gums must be better for the body's health in general, not only because strong, firm teeth are better at chewing fibrous foods that are good for you but also because long-standing infection anywhere in the body can eventually damage the body's natural defence system.

In the last few years, however, significant research has suggested an even closer link between gum disease and many serious life-threatening conditions including heart disease,strokes,diabetes and lung disease.

Gum disease iss even thought to cause low birth weight in babies so it is very important to have 20 minute scales and polishes when pregnant.

Dentists have known for some time that when we chew, bacteria enter the blood supply and travel around the body – the worse the gum disease the greater the number of bacteria are entering the blood supply.

We all know that regular check ups can prevent tooth decay – the same is true for your gums.

At Whitehouse Dental practice we have a unique team of dental hygienists and nurses and with their help and our patients dedication to improving their Oral health we aim to keep our Patients' mouths healthy and pain free.  

When a patient has a healthy mouth we can offer airflow stain removal and whitening gels to whiten teeth and improve their appearance. 

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