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Toothpaste is an essential everyday item. Most Adults are conditioned however to cover the entire bristles of their toothbrush with toothpaste ( a slug!). This liberal amount is far too much. Its the companies selling toothpaste who like to advertise a brush  product so they sell more.

Adults only need a small dot of paste (a ladybird!) as a small amount is sufficient to clean the teeth.

Children under 16 need even less paste. About half the amount used on adult brushes is enough to clean little  infant teeth.

By following this simple advice you will avoid damaging your own and your childs teeth which is common amoung those who use more toothpaste then needed.

The major benefit of toothpaste is simply to freshen our . (unless its the toothpaste recommended by a Dental Surgeon)

Its the toothbrush and the technique of skillful cleaning that actually takes the bacteria off the enamel surface.

Toothwhitening pastes have extra abraisive cleaning ingredients that can result in increased tooth structure loss and gum recession.

Only Dentists and Hygienists have the training and skills to carefully whiten patients teeth. It is important that patients know that there are no cheap ways of achieving white teeth through pastes and on line products.

At Whitehouse Dental Practice we have a great deal of training so we can answer any questions our patients have on products so don't hesitate to ask!

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