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Toothpaste is an essential everyday item. Most Adults are conditioned however to cover the entire bristles of their toothbrush with toothpaste ( a slug!). This liberal amount is far too much. Its the companies selling toothpaste who like to advertise a brush  product so they sell more.

Our daily allowance come from two types of sugars

  • Natural occurring - found in fruit and milk
  • Refined processed sugars - adding sugar into tea/coffee.

Do you ever wonder what a dentist actually does when you are having a "routine check up". Yes as a patient you are informed of the cost and how long it will take but what is the dental surgeon actually doing apart from listening to radio 2 while you are lying there!

First of all I would come into the waiting room to collect my patient. This I feel is important as the experience starts in reception. I ask my patient to make themselves comfortable on the chair  and ask about their general health. I will check the medical history and that it has been signed and dated.

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