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  • Testimonials 17
    Testimonials 17

    “Our educational experience was brilliant for the children in my setting. Staff were excellent and made us all feel welcome.”

  • Testimonials 16
    Testimonials 16

    “Why would you go anywhere else? Its brilliant for customer service, attention to detail, care, expertise and quality. Simply.. You need to go there.”

  • Testimonials 15
    Testimonials 15

    “Thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful care over the last 4 months. You will never know how much we I appreciate the hope you have given me.”

  • Testimonials 14
    Testimonials 14

    “Thank you for having lots of patience and being so understanding.”

  • Testimonials 13
    Testimonials 13

    “Many Thanks for all the care and attention over the past years.”

  • Testimonials 12
    Testimonials 12

    “Thank you so much, It is very much appreciated that you helped me. There are very few good dentists about but you are definitely the best.”

  • Testimonials 11
    Testimonials 11

    “Thank you so much for all your help and kindness you have given me, it was very much appreciated. Best Wishes to you all.”

  • Testimonials 10
    Testimonials 10

    “To my dentist Don, thank you for fixing my tooth, and thank you to Helen for looking after me and my teeth.”

  • Testimonials 9
    Testimonials 9

    “Thank you so much for your incredible kindness and generosity over the last few weeks. You sailed to my rescue and I will be forever grateful to you all for going above and beyond the call of duty, Your help and friendship is truly appreciated, and as always I will be there for you in anyway I can. LONG LIVE WHITEHOUSE DENTAL”

  • Testimonials 8
    Testimonials 8

    “Just a little note to say a very big thank you for all your dental care over the years. My children when growing up never worried about going to the dentist. It was your caring service that you and your team have provided.”

    The M Family

Student Dental Plan
£6.97 per month

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